Wednesday, April 23, 2008

So long, farewell, ci vediamo!

Well, I wish that I had photos of our going-away party here in NYC.. but we all know how that story ends. So, this will be my official last post on this blog.. unless we move back to New York. But until then, find us here!


Monday, April 21, 2008

Oh NYC, you got me!

Well after two and half years, it was (sorta) officially time to say goodbye to New York. Saturday night we had our going-away party for Giancarlo and I. We decided to do a classy/(not so classy) themed party which started with drinks over at the W hotel in Union Square, and ended at Giancarlo's favorite dive bar, 119. Well the joke was on me that night because that night my wallet, cell phone and camera (old one thank god!) were stolen. If you want to know the full story, just e-mail but let me just say that it involves Giancarlo chasing the thief, the police, and a much needed shot of who-knows-what. Needless to say, New York.. you got me. As I prepare to leave this insane city, I leave as a true New Yorker.

footnote- If you are reading this, and haven't received an e-mail from me requesting your cell number/e-mail addres... please e-mail it to me!! So much is going on that I know that I have accidently forgotten people, but I still love you!

Friday, April 18, 2008

A New York state of mind

Emily editorial

The weather report for today:


77° F | 54° F
25° C | 12° C

Seeing that it was going to be near 80 degrees today, it was only natural that I would dress for the occasion. Very excited for warm (very overdue) weather, I rummaged through my closet to find my tank tops (packed away in my summer collection box) and my last season's skirt to wear with my flip flops. The sheer fact that it was no longer in the 30s, I jumped at the chance to trade in my winter coat for my sandles.

I've realized, over the past 2 1/2 years living in New York, that I just might be the only one that jumps at the chance for springtime wardrobe. Mabye it's the California girl in me, but 50 degrees is definitely warm enough to at least bust out the flip flops. Especially after endless months of this evil called winter. At the bus stop this a.m., I am the outcast as everyone is still sporting their feather-infused winter insulators.

Before, my naive self would have thought that ok, Emily, you are the only one in this insane city who caught the weather report this a.m. However, I know now that is not the case. New Yorkers have some sort of fascination or fear ( I can't figure it out quite yet) of leaving their winter coats at home. Realizing this moment at the bus stop, I paid attention to the New Yorkers on my commute to work. 3 tourists (I'm completely assuming and generalizing that they were) and myself, were the only ones sporting a non-coat and/or flipflops. On the flipside, I picked out way-to-many parkas to count, 15 fall-style coats, 3 people with scarves, everyone minus the tourists in pants. Warm weather makes people happy... maybe it's just me.

Hey New York, heads up, it's time to ditch the winter parkas and check the weather report. FYI- 80 degrees means that it's gonna be a warm one, and call me crazy but there are no signs of a winter blizzard scheduled to hit Manhattan anytime soon.

So smile and enjoy the sun! I guarantee, you'll be a lot happier if you do!

The culprits:

The last seasons outfit being sported today (bikers and peace sign not included)

What the majority of New Yorkers are wearing today minus the furry boots. But I'm sure I can find people who are wearing this complete outfit today.
(No camera so we can thank google images for this)

Update: My point here has been completely validated. Arriving to work, my (female) co-workers were sporting springtime weather. A quick discussion later confirmed that it is indeed spring, and that New Yorkers indeed have no idea.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Saying goodbye to Cali

Leftover party food and Martinelli's in hand, GC and I went to the beach for a little California goodbye picnic. However, while burning our feet on the sand (seriously, I can prove it,) and not getting our bathing suits on (our flight was later that night) we stayed at the beach for roughly enough time to finish the bottle of Martinelli's and the pasta salad before we sought out air conditioning. We also had to say goodbye to Ronin, our trusted PT Cruiser rental car. As GC put it for naming Ronin "an awkward name for an awkward car." (FYI.. the PT Cruiser was not a choice, and I was the only one in the group that would have preferred something different) But Ronin grew on me...mainly bc of the name. It's so fun to say! So goodbye for now, Cali and Ronin.. till we rent you again.

Saying goodbye!

Our Ronin


With the end of one chapter, my dad reminds me, is the start of a new one. Last Saturday, Giancarlo and I had our engagement party which was also going to be the last time that I was going to see my family.. for a bit. GC's parents flew out for the party, and it meant the world to have them there, as well as all my family. It was their first time ever in California, and they stayed in Laguna Beach. I think they will be back before GC and I make it back! Nicole, my cupcake princess, did an AMAZING job getting everything organized. She's my little Martha Stewart, even though Nicole, I don't think you look like her!

My little hostess-with-the-mostess will certainly be missed. I also need to thank Jefe for putting together our little slideshow presentation. (I'm hoping I can leave up the youtube post ;)) It's very special because GC and I met while working Jack Johnson. Who knew!? A lot of hardwork and love went into creating the event, and I'm thankful for it all. You all will be missed greatly, and I can't wait to see everyone in ITALY!!!!

Music Details: The first song is Sitting, Waiting, Wishing by Jack Johnson. The second song is Stars by Travis Wheeland.
credit: Jeff Werner
Graphic Design

Papa and me

Grandpa Bill (my mom's dad) and Gram Clarice (dad's mom)

The Ladies! Kerri, Tiara, Me and Jenn

The Provansal-Pacheco clan

All the fun photos are up at:

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Our San Francisco treat

One thing that has been the hardest thing for me to do, has been to negotiate with Giancarlo to move back to California... one
day. Well, San Francisco convinced him. It's no So Cal, but hey it's California. This trip we actually took some of our vacation time to explore the city. I've been there several times, but this is the first time that Emily-the-tourist got to hang out. We did a whooole lot walking, and to my knowledge we mastered the public transportation system.

*Correction- Giancarlo mastered the public transportation system, I followed. Either way, we arrived where we needed to go. On Sunday we had to sadly check out of hotel at the Hyatt on Fisherman's warf, and check in to our less-than-stellar room at hotel #2. Not sure if I should give the name, but let's just say that on arrival we had to call for someone to come open the door to check us in.

The hotel looked great on, and we've always lucked out with great deals, not so much this time. But let me just say, this wasn't a dump.. it was a fairly decent place. Locks on the doors, bathroom actually in the room (I say this because I have had hotel rooms where the bathroom wasn't located in your room) but I made the request for the bathroom when we booked, so all good. There was also two security doors in the front, even if nobody is up there to open them for you if you don't have a key (which they give you when you check-in) and european elevators (which, as we found out, will only hold two small-middle sized people and 1.5 luggages, round-trip anyone?!) I chalk it up to adventures in traveling.

But aside from our hotel, San Francisco is a beautiful city. We ventured out to Fisherman's Warf many times, went to Ghiradelli square (fyi- they give free chocolate samples!) walked around Union Square, Chinatown, rode (many times) the Cable cars (another fyi- with the MUNI 3-day pass you can ride the cable cars for free... and also the above ground historic street cars which later we found out to have a facinating history behind them.

The street cars are streetcars from cities all over the U.S. and the World (We rode on the one from Italy!) from the 1960's era. Each street car has its personal history written inside of it (just look to up past the ads when you ride) and this too is included in the 3-day pass.

We also left the day before the Olympic torch run, which I guess this year... it was OK to miss. But we did catch the set-up and all the protests.

Shots of San Fran:

I see a seagull by the seashore!


I double-dare you to rent a stick-shift

My ride

Go Padres! (And for the record, I did try to get tickets. I even made Giancarlo grab my Padres shirt from my apartment and bring it to San Fran with him but it was Giants opening day, and well... tickets were TOO expensive for me to buy and have beer thrown on me for being a Padres fan.)



On a final note, this one is for you dad- Camp Provansal-Pacheco SF style. Our fresh baked bread from Boudin, Trader Joe's two-buck-chuck and some goat cheese for our dinner! Can you tell I'm counting down to Italy?!

camp Provansal-Pacheco

Blogging and participating

For all the fun pictures, check it:

Headin' to Dodger country

Before Jenn's wedding, I flew out to LA for some work, and a little R&R. We'll considering that the weather was better back in New York than it was in LA, I had to put number one on my list of to-do's "getting-a-tan" off to the side. One of the artists that I'm working before I leave, is Lili Haydn. If you haven't checked her out..DO IT! She's amazing, and I'm so glad I got a chance to work her. She is a violinst who has expanded and her latest album she's singing. Her CD release party was on April 1st at the Roxy Theatre and it was in coordiantion with Amnesty International and hosted by Bill Mahr. The next night she performed the star spangled banner at the Dodgers game. No Padres shirt for me. I felt a little bit like a trader for being at a Dodgers game when the Pads aren't playing, but hey it was for work! The next day I headed up to San Francisco for another whirl-wind weekend!

My link button isn't working.. or I haven't really figured out how to work it, but check her out:

Here are some pictures from the festivities:


I'm back, and I'm blogging! But I'm rewinding to before I left. This is for Nicole and Jefe who gave me the BEST gift ever.. them in New York. Here is the unfolding of events.

Why in the world did he blind fold me!?


Heading home after getting luggage.. I believe it was way past 1 a.m. or 2... or who knows

Monday, April 14, 2008


We're back. We're exhausted. And we have 3 weeks till we do it all over again! Uploading pictures and will be back blogging tomorrow!!!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Going to the chapel ... and the party!

The newlyweds!

Tiara posing in front of our wheels

The three musketeers

me & GC

Table 2

Newlyweds first dance

First ones on the dance floor. We call him twinkletoes Pacheco

The bride raiding her candy bar

Cupcake time!!


The party police...or so he kept telling everyone

Em & Jenn

Em, Tiara and Steph

Andy (grooms mom) and mr. twinkletoes

gettin' ready

Stephanie havin' a good time

The Bride-to-be!

Eight years in the making

Right now I'm in the wonderful city of San Francisco about to venture out to find the local trader joes, but before we figure out how to get lost in the city.. I wanted to share some photos of why we are here in Nor Cal. One of my dearest friends, Jenn got married this weekend to an amazing man. They first met our freshman year of college and have been dating since. I didn't realize this (sorry Jenn!) but the church that they were married St. Peter & Paul Church in North Beach is the famous church. After flying up Friday a.m. we had a bridesmaid brunch followed by a looovely manni and pedi session (my hands and feet are very happy to be outside) The rehearsal dinner was at "the oldest italian restaurant" in San Francisco. Great local wine (thanks to Jenn's family) and Italian food... I mean really, how can you go wrong! Here are few shots from Friday... more to be uploaded!

Tiara (in her handmade beenie) picking me up from SFO at 8 a.m!

Mannie/peddie hour!

Tiara special. My own personal beenie!

This handsome couple at the rehearsal dinner

Tiara, Jenn, Nick smiling